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Stana Katic: Winner of the 2014 Favorite Dramatic Tv Actress People’s Choice Award

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"These pieces all over, they’re my story but the shells, that’s ours." | 6x08

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Stana Katic #dramatictvactress #PeoplesChoice.

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Stana Katic and red carpet pose through the years

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Stana Katic evolution 1/3

-Shut eye 'Angela'  2003

-The handler 1x12 “bleak house” 'Mariella' 2004

-Alias 3x15 “facade” 'flight attendant'  2004

-L.A. dragnet 2x08 “retribution” 'Miriam Nelson' 2004

-The shield 3x14-15 “all in - on tilt” 'Ayla' 2004

-JAG 10x05 “this just in from Baghdad” 'Lucienne Charmoli' 2004

-Pit fighter 'Marianne'  2005

-The closer 1x03 “the big picture” 'Nadia Orwell' 2005

-ER 12x04-05 “blame it on the rain - wake up” 'Blaire Collins' 2005

-Faceless 'Diana Palos' 2006

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